My Coupon Haiku: A Poem of Epic-Failure Porportion

In honor of my pathetic Walgreens trip today – I wrote a haiku for you guys.  A hai-kupon if you will.  I hope it inspires you with awe and introspection as you venture out into the fray this week.

sunday shopping trip
shelves bare, no captain crunch here
why just one Gillette???

shoppers bustle me
coupons flutter down slowly
like spring propellers

I re-shelve my subs
purchase paers, a loofah
epic. walgreens. fail.

I would love (Seriously LOVE!  You don’t know how much I would love this!) to see some hai-kupons from you guys!

Following the rules of a haiku, the lines are 5, 7, 5 syllables and include a word about a season.

If you want to submit one – we could have a Hai-Kupon contest!  Just email them to: time2saveworkshops (at) gmail (dot) com  Subject Line: Hai-Kupon


  1. Janelle says

    Walgreens and I are no longer on speaking terms, since my last several attempts to find something still on the shelves. *sigh. Thank you for sharing your pain. I now know I am not alone. And that helps ; )

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