My Coke Rewards | How Does it Work? Is It Worth It?


Have you ever wondered how My Coke Rewards works, and if it’s worth the time and effort?

I know I have – and I was so happy when one of our favorite readers and contributers “Deal Detective Kim” offered to write an honest review of her experience using the My Coke Rewards program!  She just about has me convinced with just these 2 points alone:

  • Free Six Flag Tickets
  • You can Text your codes!

Interested yet?  Check out what else Kim had to say:


I’ll be honest–for a long time, I didn’t think the My Coke Rewards program was worth the trouble.  When I found out that my boyfriend’s brother & his family participated, I started saving my lids and 12-pack ends for them.  (When I started the program myself, I realized just how many points I’d given away.  It was staggering.)

One day, I was entering Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes, and I had an epiphany–it was the same thing.  Seriously, why was I working so hard on one program and not another one, whose products I actually used more?  So I signed up, and quickly started racking up points.

Right after this, we went on a trip to Atlanta for a convention.  I was entering our rewards points from our drinks, and I noticed one of the rewards was an adult ticket to World of Coca-Coca for 320 points.  Adult tickets are $16!  I’ve been to World of Coca-Cola, and it is incredible.  When I found out my boyfriend had never been, we discussed the possibility of tacking on a side trip.  We ended up not being able to go for logistical reasons, but in the meantime I scrounged enough bottle caps around the convention to have paid for one ticket.  Who doesn’t love free tickets?  Kids tickets are just 240 points, making it 1120 points for a family of four to go for free, a savings of $58!  Earlier in the summer, they had adult tickets to Six Flags for 1,000 points–I’m saving my points all winter in hopes of that coming back in the spring!
The program works just like many of the other, similar programs:
  1. You sign up for free here:
  2. Enter codes from inside bottle caps and multi-packs
  3. Then redeem points for merchandise or tickets.

If you’re the really patient, organized sort, you can hang on to some of your codes; occasionally they offer double points on certain product types.  The week we were in Atlanta, it was Diet Coke.  Fortunately for me, I had brought several 12-packs in the trunk of the car, and I got a lot of points early on to get me stoked about the program.

Coke Rewards Points Values and Limits:
  • Bottle caps are 3 points
  • 12 pack ends are 10 points
  • You are limited to 120 base points per week – Bonus Points aren’t included int he 120
  • Occasionally they offer Double Points – watch the website for those promos  (when they are offering double points, you can enter 12 of the 12 pack codes and score 240 points!)
Here are a few examples of rewards currently on the site:
  • A huge variety of magazine subscriptions, starting at just 133 points. (A friend told me she hasn’t paid for magazines since joining the program, she gets free magazine subscriptions all the time.  These also make a great gift for any occasion.)
  • There are t-shirts and caps with various Coke product logos for 550 points.  Great gift idea for teens!
  • There are also some e-gift cards, such as a Game Stop $20 for 1425 points.
  • Coupons for a free 20 oz. Coke drink, 1 liter Fuze tea or 32 oz. Powerade are 40 points.  These would be great to keep in the car for those days when you’re out running around, want a cold drink, and don’t have any cash handy.
  • Coupons for a free 12-pack of Coke products are 250 points.  (Deal idea: If you can score 3 of those, every once in awhile one of the grocery stores will have a buy 3, get 1 free promotion on Coke products!)
Just like Swagbucks does, they also have sweepstakes with entries running 1 point each.  And sometimes you get a Free bonus for entering a code from a specific product.  My boyfriend was thrilled when I got a free month’s access to ESPN Insider just by entering a Coke Zero code–it’s really helping him manage his Fantasy Football teams!
I, on the other hand, was more thrilled with the Free 8×8 Shutterfly book I got by entering 5 codes in one day.  You can also donate your points to a school or a charity.
All in all, it’s a great program, easy to use, and the rewards are awesome.  You can see my points total in the photo; I joined the program around the first of May.  I have cut way back on my cola addiction, so I’m not racking up the points as fast as I was, but still, that’s a lot of points for very little work and no extra purchases.  Points do expire if your account is inactive for 90 days, which means you didn’t enter or redeem any points during that period.
Good luck!
Deal Detective Kim


  1. Dan says

    I would like to point out how you can now only put in 70 points per week. That means that 550 point shirt which advertises Coca-Cola for them now takes 8 weeks at minimum to earn. If you want those tickets to an amusement park or a 20$ gift card expect to be in it for the long haul as it’ll take you a half year or longer to earn. Now that does make sense, however the new limit essentially just keeps people from getting points from friends and family. There’s also now a tiered system. Everyone starts out at bronze and the more you advertise for coke on your facebook or twitter account the more rank you get. The 3 tiers each have different prizes in them which means if you aren’t willing to advertise for them you very well might not get those better prizes.

    I’m a gold member and I believe it took me about 2 months of tweeting ‘coca cola this coca cola that’ to finally make it to gold status.

  2. Jairo says

    Andy above is right – one of the least valuable programs I’ve seen. First, remove the Coke products like museum tickets and shirts out of the equation. That costs the company very little in comparison to anothing from another company. Also, let’s face it – it’s a brand play so wearing their gear and going to their museum benefits them so it’s of even lover value to the consumer. Take what’s left over and the time-money conversion is horrible. You’re better off searching for deals from the resellers. Just looked up 2 12-packs at Walgreens on sale for $9 (good for NYC.) Took 2 minutes to pull up and better use of the time than pulling out and submitting the necessary number of codes to at least equal that value. M2C.

    • says

      Jairo – thanks for the input! I do think that they’re valuable on occasion when coupons are offered for FREE 12-Packs, etc… But I would agree about the Coke branded clothing items :)

  3. Andy says

    Don’t believe it. The ‘rewards’ are basically junk, even at the high point levels. For example, a low end wireless earphone set ‘reward’ retails online for about $10.00 but costs around 1300 points. That’s about 7 cents a point, just not worth the time and effort to collect the points. If you want a cheap wireless headphone, pay the ten bucks, you’ll at least not feel cheated when you realize how cheesy it really is. The T-shirts, caps, and Coke product knick-knacks are basically advertising items that haven’t been given away during promotional events so they end up on the Coke Rewards site and cost you points. No value for the time invested.

    • says

      Wow – that doesn’t sound terribly worth it, you’re right. Thanks for the input! I guess if you were using it mainly to get freebie coupons though, it might be worth holding onto the codes.

  4. Deana says

    Thanks for sharing! We use mycokerewards regularly! I started out just for the product coupons but last week my family went to Carowinds with my points and we still have enough to take my family of 5 and my parents to the world of Coca Cola in a few weeks! My dad even collects them for me at work!

  5. Lisa says

    I started saving coke points for about 4 years now. At first I was also giving my points away and I figured why not save myself. Everyone year at Christmas I have saved enough points to buy my daughter a new pair of Nike shoes. So heck yea it’s well worth the time and effort to log in points

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