Couponing for the Rest of Us

Mustache Party 12-Pack ONLY $1.15 Shipped! (Mustache Pumpkins?!)

Apparently mustaches are all the rage right now  (Yes Still!) – and you can get in on all the hairy fun with this Self-Adhesive Mustache 12-Pack for only $1.15 Shipped!  HOW.  FUN. 

My son brought these to one of his class parties last year and handed them out to everyone – the teacher got a great picture and it was on the end-of-year slideshow :)   Then (of course) the Math Olympiad coach wanted them for the Mathletes to wear to the regional competition.  I provided them – and those kids walked in like they owned the place!  Everyone else was so jealous!

You might turn out to be the cool mom with these unexpected favors, that’s all I’m saying :)


Also – just an idea – you could put these on your Halloween pumpkins – like this cute idea from SwellDesigner – or send them as Halloween favors to your kids class party!  There are lots of fun think you could do with these -  I really do think I’m going to do the mustache pumpkins using baby pumpkins with my youth group!  Easy silly activity – and super cheap!

Get your stick-on mustaches HERE before the price goes up!  Amazon prices can go up at any time.

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