Mother’s Day Gifts I Got! (Hint: Coupons….)

Hi – Jamie here!  First of all – Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers!  I’ve been taking it easy today – just lying around in my pj’s drinking some extremely strong coffee made by my 10 year old (all by himself… using 2/3 cups coffee: 4 cups water!) I thought I’d share a couple special gifts I received – feel free to share yours too!

I got a Mother’s Day Acrostic from my 10 year old today – if the writing or spelling makes it hard to read, let me translate:

J- Joyful
A – Action
M – Marvelous
I – Interrogate
E – Excellent Mother

That just about sums me up I guess?

I also got some amazing coupons from my nearly 12 year old – these are going in my drawer and saved for a special occasion (note that they have NO expiration date :)  )

My favorite is this living room tidying one – in which I look very skinny and my hair is all feathered and full of bounce.  Also – my bookshelf has never sparkled before – but I’m interested to see how it looks when he’s done with it.

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