Cool Savings Tutorial!!

If you dig a little you just might find an extra set of printable coupons.  Here’s how to print an extra set of Smart Source Coupons.
Cool Savings -  Tutorial
You may have seen CoolSavings advertised before online, but were afraid it might be one of those “quick survey’s” that result in a gift card at the end.  I admit, I fell for it, then quit after an hour of questions and no gift card.  COOL SAVINGS IS NOT A SURVEY SITE!!  Once you get past the inital log in, and decline the offers you’ll find a treasure – SMART SOURCE PRINTABLES!!
Click HERE to log in.
(Right click the HERE above to open link in a new window to keep tutorial open.)
Enter Zip Code and Email Address
Same registration as other coupon sites.
You do have to click through a couple of advertisements, just click SKIP!
Last One – Click NO!
Don’t even waste your time reading this stuff.  Just No!

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