Monogrammed Pumpkin Centerpiece Craft (Or – “The Little Mumkin That Could”)

Do you remember how I found that Mum-Covered pumpkin idea HERE and how thought I could do it cheaper and easier with a Dollar Tree Pumpkin, hot glue and fake mums?  And remember how that was a total and utter CRAFT-FAIL and now I have this ridiculously small “mumkin” just sitting around being useless?

Like the Little Engine That Could, I was determined to use that little mumkin for something awesome.  For instance, a fun centerpiece for my living room bookshelf.  Here’s how it all went down….

Besides the mumpkin I’d already made, I still had an extra styrofoam pumpkin from the Dollar Tree sitting there waiting to be mummed (never. going. to happen.) So the first thing I decided was to combine the two pumpkins totem-pole style.   I stripped a Dollar Tree floral-pick of it’s leaves and used the plastic-coated wire to skewer the two pumpkins.

Next, I snipped off a few silk leaves with their wires intact and stabbed them into the top of my pumpkin-kabob.  (This, in case you weren’t sure, is to add extra realism.  Because if not for the leaves, you might guess that these were fake pumkins or something.  As you can see, I am a master of realism!)

Satisfied with my realistic pumpkin-totem-pole , I set it on the bookshelf to see how it looked.  Neh… it looked lonely and out of place.  I needed a landscape or a backdrop of some kind – so I dug around in my long-forgotten sewing box until I found some fall-colored fabric.  I folded it lengthwise and smoothed it across my bookshelf.

Next, I located a string of pumpkin lights in the basement (Big Lots clearance last year for 90% Off – woot!) and stretched them across the top of the shelf.  *NOTE: I think this would look great with white Christmas lights too!

When I plopped my pumpk-abob down in the center of all that festiveness it looked much happier – but the pumpkin patch was still looking a little bare….  Snatching up that leafy floral pick once again, I stripped off the rest of the fall leaves and tucked them here and there along the strand of lights.

I stepped back to admire my work – barely avoiding stepping on my children who – let it be known – were lounging on the floor watching the Ravens vs. Patriots and could not spare an appreciative glance for my sudden crafty genius.

Oh…  OH… Oh my goodness!!! (I thought in that way Haley Mills does when she has her sister-switch brainstorm)

I pulled off the top pumpkin and hurried into the kitchen to get a knife.  I lightly sketched an “M” on it (M for Miles) and carved it out just like I would a regular pumpkin.  Make sure to use a serrated knife – or a serrated carving tool – it just works better.

Once you’ve cut out a letter (or any other design), make sure you also cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin for your light to go in.

I popped my newly carved pumpkin back on the centerpiece and stuffed one of the pumpkin lights into the rear opening.

The finished product is cozy and cute and super-cheap!


  • (2) $1 Styrofoam Pumpkins from Dollar Tree
  • (2) $1 Floral Picks from Dollar Tree (A leafy one, and a mum-my one)
  • Fall Fabric (or a fall runner)
  • Pumpkin or Twinkle lights

Total Cost = $4

In the end, every craft fail either teaches you something or gets re-purposed into something else.  In this instance, it did both.  In the Mumkin Fail, I learned that I am a real cheap-o as well as delusionally optimistic, and then I re-purposed that hot mess into a thing of beauty.  In fact – I may start inviting people to my home just so I can casually walk them past it over and over.





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