*Money-Saving Monarchs*: A cool new feature!

Don’t you love having insider knowledge on extra deals going on at your store?  You know – like when you find out there’s an amazing clearance on makeup, or an unadvertised bargain, a cool catalina, or some awesome coupon booklets hiding in the produce aisle….  I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Wouldn’t you love to have more of that kind of store-specific reporting?  ME TOO!

That’s why we’re very excited to present a new feature: Money Saving Monarchs

What is a Money Saving Monarch?  Basically – a store expert or the “Queen” of a grocery/drugstore.

  • A Money Saving Monarch is a frequent shopper of a particular store, someone who’s in and out at least once or twice a week.  This person can report on things they find:  extra deals, clearances, found coupon booklets/tearpads and catalinas
  • They can help by spreading the word by posting on Facebook, or in our BlogFrog Community Forum (See bottom of sidebar) and leaving comments on the weekly grocery posts.  Also – they can email me tips to time2saveworkshops@gmail.com
  • We’ll list all the MoneySaving Monarchs on a special page of the Time2Save Website – with a picture of each store leader and a few lines about themselves.

If this seems like a fun way to share deals – let me know and I’ll get you started!

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