Blowout Events Starting at $1.00!




Modnique is one of my favorite daily deal sites.  In fact, I think it’s one of the first one’s I ever ordered from.  What is unique to Modnique  (and I didn’t even mean to rhyme!) is something called “make an offer.”  There are usually several sales that are about to end, that invite you to make an offer on an item you are interested in.  Last year I bought my husband a new titanium wedding band for only $10 – I made an offer and surprisingly enough they took it. 




ONLY – $25

I love these sandals!!  Yellow is so in for Spring I would love to order these! 


Part of the super sale – $1

These retro heels are only $1!!  I doubt they’ll last long at that price.
Out of my size:(


Only $29

    This dress looks so comfy, plus I love the flowing ruffles.  It’s super feminine, and could be dressed up with heels, and great jewelry for a classic look.  Add leggings, boots, and a wide belt to make it funky fresh.  



Part of the super sale – $1

Flowing yellow Sundress.  Fun for the beach



Black or Brown $25

Love these gorgeous boots!  The perfect tiny wedge heel and details down the side – this is definitely a boot that would last several seasons because of it’s classic look. 




Kenneth Cole Wallet – $11

Great quality Kenneth Cole Wallet.  One of my favorite wallets I ever had was a Kenneth Cole.  I’m thinking about ordering this one for myself!!


Click HERE to check out their Super Sale. 
Don’t forget to look for items labeled “Make an Offer”  Remember new offers are added all the time!  So, if nothing suits your fancy today – tomorrow could be amazing!

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