Mixbook: Forgotten Giveaway – 1 Day Left to Enter!

Last week we launched a Mother’s Day Mixbook Giveaway – and 3 lucky winners will get $25 to make anything they want on Mixbook (Photo mug, calendar, Photo Book, etc….)

However, with the tornados that devastated our area on Wednesday – I sort of dropped the ball on that one.  Actually – I totally forgot about it  :)  As things started to get back into their normal routine today – I remembered (ACK!) that this giveaway was supposed to end on Friday of last week – but since you’re all such good sports to not call me out on it, I thought we’d give it until the end of today (Wednesday, 5/4) to get a few last-minute entries.

It’s SUPER Easy to Enter:

  1. Head over to Mixbook and pick out your favorite Mother’s Day Card design.
  2. Then, come back and leave a comment on this post to tell us which one it was!

For an EXTRA Entry… (Come back and tell us if you did one of these!)

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Subscribe to our Daily Emails
  • Invite your friend to check out Time2Save via your Facebook or Twitter wall

The winner will be announced tonight at 11pm – so get in the contest and get a FREE Mother’s Day gift from Mixbook!


  1. Susan says

    My favorite is the card with the bee flying….sweet! I hope to win this great offer…Thanks!

  2. Lacey says

    I love the colorful Daisies card! I really need to get going on making my Mother’s Day things. We bought garden stone kits that are on sale at Michaels this week and have yet to even begin to make them! Oh well, my Mom still has not even sent Christmas presents yet from last Christmas so one week late can’t hurt, huh?

  3. Betty says

    I love the Sweet Mom card! And I love all the help you’re providing as I finally get started with couponing and saving! Thanks!!

  4. Crystal says

    I like the green and white “You’re the Best Mom” card with the cherry blossom branch. I’m a sucker for asian style!

  5. Terry Cross says

    I really like the Mothers Day Collage card. There were so many to choose from, but that card really says it all in my opinion, my mother may just be another person to most people, but she really is my world. I have gone through alot, including the death of my husband 9 yrs ago, and my mother was my rock and my entire world during that time.

    I have liked you are facebook and subscribed to your newsletter.

    I’m still new at the couponing thing, but I want to learn as much as I can and I was actually headed to your website by some freinds, so I am no recommending your website to my friends.

    Hope you both have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  6. says

    I already entered on the actual giveaway post, but for the sake of being completely literal, this reminder DOES say enter on THIS post, so I’m entering here also, just in case.

    Love love love the Nesting Doll card!

    Hope one of these entries wins me the $25 gift card =]

  7. Nicole says

    Im new and this is the first thing I saw so I said what the hay!! :) I like the mothers day collage and as well have subscribed and as soon as I can find you on facebook i’ll be doing that too ;) I’m hoping I can get some help here! Im new to this couponing thing but have decided there has GOT to be a better way and hoping this is it!!! :)

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