Missing us in your FB News Feed? (3 Steps to an Easy Fix)


If you’re missing us in your Facebook news feed, you’re not alone!  Lately we’ve had many readers wonder why we never show up on their wall anymore. How can you make sure you don’t miss out  on Time2Save’s Facebook updates.

Follow these 3 Easy Steps:

Facebook has made it so that the people or pages you interact with the most, are the ones you see.  So the short answer is – like or comment on Time2Save posts often and FB will get the message that you value these posts.  But there are a few other ways we’ve learned that work pretty well too:

3 Steps to Seeing us in your FB Feed


  1. Hover over the “Like” Button and select “Get Notifications”

    Now, anytime we post, you will be alerted with a notification. And it will DEFINITELY appear in your News Feed.

  2. Like”, Comment, or Share our posts often

    Interaction is the MAIN tool Facebook currently uses to decide what to show in your feed.We have a couple fans that seem to tap “Like” on every post that comes through their feed – well they’re smart cookies.  I guarantee those folks aren’t missing anything!

  3. Sign up for our E-Newsletter!

    Nobody is on FB all the time, and really the best way to make sure you get updates about new coupons, online and store deals, and other helpful posts is to simply get our daily email.  Each evening you’ll get one email with a short list of posts that you can click on.  Easy and efficient!


If you already Like Time2Save on Facebook, you can also:

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