Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: Heart Shaped Crayons

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids:  Heart-Shaped Crayon

Photo Credit: All You Magazine

If you’re already thinking ahead of Valentine’s Day Crafts to do with your kids – you might want to start collecting old crayons!  I don’t know about you – but I am ALWAYS finding stray crayon pieces around our house, in the van, under the couch cushions – I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for us!

Basically, you just melt old crayons in a heart-shaped mold and pop them out, voila!  Heart-Shaped Crayons!  They’d be great to give out to classmates – or if you’re a teacher, a great gift for your kiddos!

Here’s how to make them – and some nice deals on Heart-Shaped baking molds as well:



Heart-Shaped Crayon Instructions:

  1. Remove wrappers from crayons and break into small pieces *Optional – Add glitter!
  2. Fill silicon mold and put in 300 degree oven for 15 minutes or until melted
  3. Let cool and Pop out (Scroll down for classroom gifting ideas)

Snag a Heart-Shaped mold on Amazon today and have it arrive before the weekend so you can craft with the kiddos!

How cute is this Wilton Ruffled Hearts Mold $8.88 (Reg $14.71)  *Shown above

wilton-heart-pan wilton-stacked-mold

Or this Wilton Stacked Hearts Mold is only $5.95! (Reg $9.88)  This would make for some super-cool crayons if you could place different colors into the heart cavities. :)

Wilton Petite Heart Silicon Mold - $14.96 (Reg $20.99)

I went on Amazon – because I am definitely doing these this year – and found a GREAT deal on a silicone heart mold – turns out, most of the reviews are about making heart-shaped crayons and how perfectly it worked!  YAY!  If you want to make big heart crayons, check out the Wilton 6-Cavity Heart Mold instead.

I purchased this small heart pan for a craft project in my classroom. We crushed old crayolas, mixed the colors as desired in the pan cups and melted the crayolas in a toaster oven. When cooled the colored hearts popped out easily and were a hit for Valentine’s Day. The pan cleaned up beautifully.


Valentine Quotes for Crayon Notes:

If you plan to give these out to your child’s class for Valentine’s Day, you can stick a small piece of foam tape on the back of the crayon and stick to a 3″ piece of cardstock or posterboard, cut out in a circle or heart shape.  Write a cute little Valentine quote on the paper, here are some suggestions:

  • You color my world
  • You’re as pretty as a picture!
  • Valentine, You make my heart melt
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, for “Crayon” out loud!
  • You make me “wax” romantic, Valentine


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