Meijer Is Ending Their Double Coupon Program!


Cincinnati-area Meijer stores will end their double coupon program on August 25, 2013. Other areas eliminated double coupons earlier this year and it looks like the trend isn’t stopping there.  Luckily, they will still accept coupons at face value.

Here is a  little piece of the news story. Make sure to visit the full story for more details.

Three months after Kroger stopped doubling coupons, Cincinnati-area Meijer stores are ending their double coupons this month.

A post from the store’s Facebook account says they’re ending double coupons Aug. 25  and shifting resources to mPerks digital coupons.

Meijer says it’s expanding mPerks to include rewards for the pharmacy, and bigger discounts on other items.

Honestly, I  know how hard of a hit this can be for those of you that shop at Meijer. I couldn’t imagine my local store not doubling coupons. It would completely change the way I shop and possibly even the store I shop at. How do you all feel about this huge change?


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