Friday = Mega Swagbucks Day! (LAST DAY for 80 FREE Bucks!)

You didn’t think I’d let you all forget, did you?  It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday! And that means that you should try to do more searches – because the prizes are more plentiful today!  Do you have any secret methods to your swagging?  Let us know!

New to Swagbucks?

You’re in Luck!  Today (4/8) is the LAST DAY that you can get 80 Free Swagbucks when you join!  This promo ends at 2pm EST – so don’t delay!

  1. Go here to sign up for your Free Swagbucks account
  2. When signing up… on the blue bar (where it says ‘SwagCode’), enter code: HelpJapan
  3. You’ll get 30 just for signing up + 50 more when signing up with the promo code!
  4. ★For New Users: Learn more about Swagbucks HERE


  1. Katherine says

    I’ve noticed if I am looking something up using the tool bar and click on the second page of info provided often it will give even more points or give some for the second time…

  2. Amy says

    I dont understand how to get my points to go up. I signed up ab 2-3 weeks ago and got like 80 points right away but now Im only up to 105 and they arent going up. What am I doing wrong and do you have any suggestions?

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