McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Book (12 Freebies for $1)



The McDonald’s Trick-or-Treat coupon booklets are BACK!!  I love these little booklets, and I get several every year.  For just $1 (Cash Only – Proceeds go to charity) you get a booklet with (12) Treat Coupons.

  • (4) FREE Apple Dippers
  • (4) FREE Small Ice Cream Cones
  • (4) FREE Apple Juice or Milk Chugs!

There is NO EXPIRATION DATE in my booklets – which means we’ll still be using them to get free ice creams this summer, probably :)

These are so handy for taking the kids for an after-school snack, or a rainy-day trip to the play place.  Racking up the Cool Mom Points!!


  1. Michel says

    I went to 3 mcdonald’s in Tennessee. They never heard of them. I’m sure the kids here would love to have them.

  2. Anna says

    I live in the Bay Area of Northern CA. I haven’t been able to find the coupons here. Does anyone know where they are selling them?

  3. Sara says

    I buy them on ebay when I can’t get them locally. I almost always use 5 or 6 at a time. They are ok with you doing this as long as you are not using more coupons than you have people in your car (drive through).. If you are going in, it is one per person in your party also.
    Hope that helped!

  4. Melissa says

    Does anyone know where in the Chattanooga area we can get these? It seems like the McDonald’s near me never have them. Thanks!

  5. Angela says

    Just a question… does anyone know if you can combine the coupons in one trip? Like, can I use three at once and get a cone, apple slices & a milk? Just wondering…. Thanks!

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