McDonalds Coupons in Parade Magazine! (And sadness at Walgreens)

Don’t throw out that Parade magazine – because there are coupons sticking out of it good for a FREE Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and a $1/1 Frozen Frappe Smoothie Thing from McDonalds!  *Thanks to Rosemary for the heads up!

On a sad note – I ran out to Walgreens after my post earlier to get some of those Oscar Mayer Sandwich Kits – and I put 6 in my buggy and carted it up to checkout with much excitement – only to realize my newspaper inserts had NO Oscar Mayer coupons anywhere inside (BOOOOOOOO!)  And, you know, my printer was out of ink so I couldn’t print one.

Then, I went to get some cheap Cap’N Crunch – and they were totally out.

I tried to do the Gillette deal I urged everyone else to go do – but I was too late, they were out too.

I even made a trip down the medicine aisle to see if they got any Tylenol Precise patches in yet – OF COURSE NOT!  I think they’re not ordering them ON PURPOSE!  :)

I finally bought myself a pity-present (a new loofah for $.99) and called it a day.  They did say a truck will come Wednesday, and Thursday, so I guess I’ll just have to camp out in the parking lot.

Couponing sure can be the pits sometimes – eh?  SO tell me – did YOU have any good trips happen today???  I need to get cheered up with hearing about your successes!



  1. debra says

    I am so glad I am not the only one having issues with Walgreens lately. I waste my ink printing coupons for stuff they don’t even have. Yesterday they told me they didn’t even carry the fruit crisp or the snuggle. They were also out of the Oscar Meyer items and Gillete body wash & the Johnson & Johnson products. I mean why even put it in the ad. I wasted more gas than what it was worth going over there.

  2. amy says

    I also had a semi-bad day at Walgreens yesterday. Most of the items that I went in for, were not stocked in the 3 locations where I live. Not “out of stock”, but they did not carry them. Very dissappointing. I did get the B1G1 Snuggle with coupon and Gillette deals!

  3. Angie says

    I was disappointed at Walgreens yesterday. I got the Dove Deoderant(one), a profusion razor(1) and was looking at something else before I went to do the body wash deal….my son uses the old spice body wash and I just want to get the three for $7, use some register rewards and get some back…anyway before I got over to the aisle my sons says mom…a lady just took every body wash off the shelf and has a buggy full of them. I got over there to find the shelves cleared. I was truly upset and get upset that I can’t just get one of things anymore. Luckily, I stopped at the Hixson Walgreens on my way to work this morning and was able to get three of the body wash there.

  4. Samara says

    Jenny, I think the Savingstar credits will take a week or more to show up in the account…so don’t frett…you probably still did get the diapers super cheap.

  5. Jenny says

    I was able to get $94 worth of groceries for $40 at Bi-Lo the other day!!! :D & I am somewhat a newbie.. so I was pretty proud! Thats over 50% savings! So happy to be a couponer now! :D

    Food Lion was a drag Saturday… I still got a Jumbo pack of huggies diapers and a box of wipes– all for $5.15 :D But my “savingstar” didn’t register my extra $2.00 off… :( I don’t know why … So I could have got them for $3.15!!!! Oh well! I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too afterall!

  6. Lacey says

    I had an awful experience at Walgreens today as well :( Every single thing that was on my list was gone – shelves cleared. I get so frustrated when I walk into a store the day that the sale starts and the shelves are completely empty. I think some couponers are trying to be “extreme” and buy everything off the shelf. I am just trying to save a little money, but I’m starting to not even be able to do that because they are always out of everything. I am trying my best not to complain, I just wish people would understand that others would like to get deals, too. Sorry, just had to vent….. :)

  7. Tonya says

    My daughter (a newbie) and I went to Target today and scored several things. We got Lipton Tea for $5.99. Qpon for buy 2 get $2 off from the pepsi qpons. AND if you buy two you get a $5 gift card. We also got some cheap tums (.49 cents) Ponds towelettes $1.49, some vitamins for $4 normally $11. All in all I paid $20 and saved $40. Not bad for a Target run.
    On the down side we were hoping to scored some of the Seattle’s Best coffee but my target did not have any at all nor did they have the magnum bars.
    Yesterday at CVS I pain $7.91 and saved $25 on covergirl makeup and got $3 ECB plus a qpon for $5 off $15. woohoo!!!!!!

  8. Jamie says

    That rocks Sonya! And Laura – my motto is – take your little victories when you can! Good job!

  9. Laura says

    Oh and I was pumped about the $1.97 purex at rite aid bc i have $1 off coupons, but of course there wasn’t a single bottle left on the shelf.

  10. Laura says

    My walgreens in Dayton NEVER has the stuff on sale. Those Schick razors and cream have been b1g1 all month and that’s what my husband uses so I’ve been trying to stock up, but even after they get a new shipment they never have more than 3, I’m like are you serious?! They’ve been totally out of the shaving cream for 2 weeks. I have to wait till Friday when my hubby gets paid to do the gillette deal and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they still have some! On a good note though I had wal-mart price match for the $2.99 hellmanns and got 7 jars (we love mayo)!

  11. Sonya Thomas says

    Not today, but Friday at CVS, I spent $35.30 & saved $87.80. The best part is that I am a newbie!

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