McDonald’s $1 Halloween Coupon Books are Back (12 Freebies!)


McDonald’s $1 Halloween Coupon Books!

I stopped by McDonald’s this week and was excited to see that they have the McDonald’s $1 Halloween Coupon Books for sale again!  I love these – so excited to get them again!

Pay just $1 (cash only) for 12 coupons for free items:

  • (4) FREE Small Cones
  • (4) FREE Apple Slices
  • (4) FREE Milk Chugs or Juice Boxes

There is NO EXPIRATION DATE in my booklets – which means we’ll still be using them to get free ice cream and milk chugs all year long  :)  I bought several books to keep in the glove box – these are so handy for taking the kids for an impromptu after-school snack, or a rainy-day trip to the play place.  Racking up the Cool Mom Points!!

Let us know if you spot them at your local McDonald’s!


  1. Juanita says

    I went to Mc Donald’s and they are $2 and only 10 coupons. I guess it depends on where you live, I live in CA. or do you need a coupon?


  1. [...] McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Books: Some participating McDonald’s locations are selling Halloween Treat coupon booklets (sorry, I have yet to find one in the Cbus area). Pay just $1 for 12 Freebie coupons. (Thanks Time 2 Save Workshops) [...]

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