Marigolds Keep Bunnies Away From Plants: True or False?

My mom always had a nice big garden in the backyard – and between every row of lettuce or beans, she’d plant a row of Marigolds.  We even had Marigold beds surrounding the garden fence.  The reason?  Supposedly, marigolds keep bunnies from munching your plants!  I was always told that they don’t like the smell of the flowers – but when I just did a little research – I found quite the opposite was true!

Apparently, some folks have seen bunnies munching down the Marigolds themselves, and others claim they attract spider mites.  Others report that Marigolds draw ladybugs which eat harmful aphids. (Well at least one positive, right?)

If that’s the case, my tomato plants are DOOOOOMED (dun-dun-dun) because we live on the edge of a wood and bunnies regularly scamper across the backyard.  My marigold plants apparently won’t be the tomato saviors I thought they would.

Do you have any tips for keeping out those wascally wabbits?  Please share!



  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    I don’t have any tricks for keeping rabbits away, but when I planted garlic, they sure ate them up. They left everything else alone, but sure dug and ate all the garlic up. This year I’m planting several plants up in cattle/horse water troughs I purchased at a ranch supply and feed store. They are new. I’ll have some plants on the ground, some of which will be garlic, but some of my garlic is up in the troughs so we can hopefully enjoy some this year. It does help a bit if you have dogs that can run them out of the yard, but then you have to be careful where you plant some of your plants so the dogs don’t munch on them. I’m going to put the rhubarb up in a planter so my small dog won’t munch on the leaves and get sick.

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