Plan Your Christmas Card List! – Printable Sheet #4

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope you all are having a lovely week!

I am very excited about this next sheet to put in our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Planner.  We’ve already set goals for our family Christmas, we’ve set goals for giving, and we’ve made out a budget – but now it’s time to start getting down to the nitty-gritty…  creating our Christmas Card List!

Last year, I was so harried by December, I never even sent Christmas cards.  So of course, each card that arrived in the mailbox was a stab of guilt!  “Shoulda, coulda, woulda…” no more, friends.  This year – we’re starting EARLY!

Click the link below to print out a pretty planning page to help you start your Christmas card list.

The Christmas E-Book: PRINT

Why Start Now??

One of the great things about making your list this early – besides getting it out of your crowded head and onto paper – is knowing early how many cards you’ll need.  With that in mind – you’ll be ready to jump on any good deals that post, such as a free photocard offer.  Free Photocard deals don’t have to be for baby showers, or birthday parties.  Take advantage of them for family portrait CHRISTMAS CARDS!

Now all you have to do is get a current family portrait done, right?

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