Make Your *3* FREE Father’s Day Cards… TODAY!

That’s right folks, it is the LAST DAY to create your FREE Photo Cards over at Shutterfly!  This is your chance to make a special Father’s Day card for your husband, your dad, & even your Father-in-Law… for FREE!  The offer ends today, so buckle down and do it!

  • Just login or register w/ Shutterfly HERE
  • Use your photos to make *3* 5×7 Folded Cards
  • At checkout, enter code “CARD4GRAD”
  • Pay only 99¢ shipping for all three!

On special days like Father’s Day, we tend to splurge and pay up to $5 for that “perfect” card, this photo card freebie could potentially save you around $15 bucks.  Not only that, it will be a “keeper” for sure!

For your own father, it would be cool to find a really old picture of the two of you together – that brings back a special memory.  I’ve got one in mind for my dad – and it involves us on a hayride together at Mammoth Cave.  Send us a screenshot of your cards if you make one – let’s help each other out in the idea department!


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