How to Make a Star Wars Cake

star wars cake

For the past couple of years my kids have requested homemade birthday cakes. Sometimes they want a regular cake, however my son’s favorite is a chocolate chip cookie cake. This year for his 7th birthday he wanted a Star Wars Lego theme. Since I knew there was no way that I could free hand decorate a Star Wars cake, I decided on a much easier idea. I ordered this Star Wars Lego Kit that he had been wanting and wrapped it up and gave it to him as part of his birthday gift. I let him open it up a day early (even more fun). Of course he wanted to put it together immediately and was super excited that his creation was to be the centerpiece on his cookie cake. I’ve included a step-by-step tutorial below.

How to Make a Star Wars Cake:

  1. First, I ordered one of the Star Wars Lego Sets on Amazon that he had been wanting. LEGO Star Wars 9496 Desert Skiff
  2. I made our favorite Paula Deen Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Instead of making cookies, I bought a disposable pizza pan to make the perfect cake. You’ll have enough to make the cake and possibly enough to make a couple of cookies depending on the size of your pan. I always make a double batch so I can freeze the extra dough for cookies later. Hint – I always use dark brown sugar in my chocolate chip cookies, I think it makes them taste better.
  3. Once cookie cake completely cooled, I turned it upside down on a cake plate.
  4. I use this recipe for my buttercream icing. I divided the icing into disposable cups (easier clean up) and used food coloring gel to vary the color of the icing.
  5. I started decorating the cookie cake by piping stars around the sides of the cake.
  6. Then, I piped icing on the bottom of each Lego piece before gently placing on the cake.
  7. Finally, I piped stars around the Star Wars Lego people. I think my son may have given me a couple extra characters to add to the cake.


This was by far one of the easiest birthday cakes I have made and my son loved it. Not only did he get a really cool birthday present a day early, he was able to show off his creation to all his friends. In his words, “My Star Wars Cake was the best!”


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