Make Cash for Watching Videos on Jing-It! (Up to $15 a week)


Have you heard about Jing-It yet?  It may be my new favorite reward program!!  I’ve been a member for all of 10 minutes and already earned $2 (While making coffee, might I add.)  Jing-It pays you for watching short ads (20-30 seconds) – you get money, the brand gets your attention – it’s a Win-Win!  If you’re familiar with Rite-Aid video values, this is almost identical.
 Jing-It also has a mobile app that allows you to check-in when you shop at Wal-Mart.  Our friend Paul over at IHearttheMart made $13 on a trip the other day just for scanning bar-codes as he walked around the store!
Are you ready to try it with me? Let’s get started….

How Jing-It Works:

  1.  Login with your Facebook Account or Download the Mobile App (you must have a FB account)
  2. Complete the Registration form and verify the mobile code they’ll send you
  3. Choose a short video to watch (20-30 seconds)
  4. Respond to a few questions at the end
  5. Cha-Ching!  You just made money!  Real, actual money – that you can spend!

So how do you get paid? Once you’ve earned at least $3, you can sign up for the Jing-It Visa Debit card.  Your earnings will be transferred over to your card for you to spend wherever you want!  It’s important to note that there is a one-time fee of $3 to sign up for the debit card – but since you’ll be paying with Jing-It earnings, it’s not so bad.  After that first fee – the rest it totally profit. *The $3 is an introductory fee, eventually it will go up to $10.

Another interesting thing – they let you watch the ads over, and over, and over…. and make money each time!  I’ve watched the S’Mores and Elmer’s ad about 4 times each – and as long as I close the window and open it back up each time – it let’s me earn again!  Max weekly earnings are $15 – and I personally know people who’ve been maxing it out every week.

Idea: While you’re watching television, use the commercial breaks to watch Jing-It ads.  Why watch their ads if you can get paid for watching these? :)

While there are only a few videos available on the sign-up page right now, I’ll be updating with new Jing-It finds pretty often on our Facebook Page.  I just found one ad worth $1!



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