Shark Cake for Shark Week!


Shark Cake for Shark Week

As you might know if you have any little boys (or husbands) in your house – it’s Shark Week!   Let the kids know you’re super cool this Shark Week, by making a Shark Cake.  It’s not as hard as you might thank – here’s how to make a shark cake:





Since I have four boys – we watch a lot of Animal Planet around here, and Shark Week is kind of a big deal.  I was thinking of something fun we could do to celebrate in our own little sharky way – and I remembered this cake I made for my son James a few years ago.  It wasn’t too difficult to do – and it made a big splash with the kids!


I made a rectangular cake for the ocean and iced it blue – bringing it up in peaks to represent choppy water.  For the actual shark – I used 2 round cake pans and cut them into shark-shaped pieces.  I’ve tried to recreate the way I divided my round cake into shark parts in the image above – the only part you’ll need two of is the Shark Body.  The rest you can use to bribe the kids to help you do the dishes :)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • (2) cake mixes, baked as directed, one as a sheet cake, one in (2) round pans
  • Candy Corn (for the teeth)
  • Homemade buttercream icing (Recipe Here)
  • 2 Chocolate Chips, M&M’s, or other round candy (for the eyes)
  • Pink, Grey & Blue Food coloring


  1. Bake the sheet cake and spread a crumb coat of blue icing on it.  You’ll be able to add more icing in a choppy-wavey pattern later.
  2. Bake the second cake mix in (2) round pans.  Take it out, cool completely, and freeze it for a couple hours.  (This will make it much easier to slice later.)
  3. Follow the pattern in the image above to cut out the pieces for your shark. The top segment will be the the body of the shark (his head/back), the left segment will be his lower half (mouth), the bottom segment you can do a little extra carving on to make a fun that fits nicely on the shark’s rounded back.
  4. Assemble!  Using globs of icing as glue, assemble your shark on top of the blue sheet cake.
    - Start by lying down your small slice for the mouth.  Before going any further, use a butter knife or piping bag to cover it generously with pink icing.
    - Now carefully set the top half of your loaf cake on top of it at an angle – so that it looks like the shark is coming out of the water.
    - Glue the fin on with icing.
    - If there’s a gap here or there, fill it in with more slivers of cake and remember – extra icing covers a multitude of sins!  Glue the fin to the back of the shark with more icing.
  5. Thickly pipe on grey icing to cover the shark and his fin (covering any gaps and crumby parts in the process)  Create the look of side fins by piping grey icing next to the shark as shown.
  6. Cut the white tips off candy corn, and stick them into the icing around the mouth – for rows of vicious teeth!
  7. Place chocolate chips on for eyes.
  8. Add more blue icing around the shark with a spreader – pulling up into little wave crests here and there.  This comes last – because now you can hide any more gaps, icing drips or crumbs around your shark.

Making 3 dimensional cakes isn’t an exact science I’ve found – but as long as you have some extra icing to pipe into the architectural snafus here and there – you can cover it all up at the end and noone will be the wiser.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy (er… cringe through) some shark week programming – with a slice of Great White and a nice cold glass of milk.  Yum!


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