Make a Magical Backyard Tent before Summer’s Over

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought -

a) Who on earth has that many flowery gypsy sheets?
and then…
b) I wish I had 30 flowery gypsy sheets right now….  Sigh.

But seriously – I saw this and it reminded me how magical a homemade tent can really be.  In Girl Scouts we once had a challenge where they let us go in little groups off into the night to fend for ourselves with our backpacks, sleeping bags, flashlights, a tarp, and a rope.  We had to locate a good spot and build our own lean-to or simple tarp tent for the night.  We chose the tarp-over-a-rope tent, and it has stuck with me every since.

As a mom of 4 boys, I’m constantly making improvised sheet castles, military blanket fortresses, pillow moats, pirate ships on the porch, and a variety of other magical strongholds.  If you haven’t built one this summer – it’s just one of those things you should try with the kids.  I haven’t done one outside in the dark yet this year – but this picture has me wanting to hop up and gather all the flowery gypsy sheets I own (All two of them) right now!

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