Make a Costume Chest for Imaginative Fun!

 Make a Costume Chest for Imaginative Fun!

Halloween is coming, which means pretty soon you’ll be able to find some awesome deals on costumes.  ESPECIALLY keep an eye on thrift stores, as they pull out all their dress-up clothes for the upcoming holiday!

Costumes make great gifts, they bring out kids’ imaginations and get them away from a glowing screen for awhile.  Make a costume chest and you’re kids will always have a go-to place to let their imaginations run wild.

One of my kids’ favorite past-times is playing dress-up, and they absolutely LOVE their costume chest.

They’re boys, and so for them that means dressing up as ninjas, pirates, knights, dragons, cowboys, cops and robbers – and of course, every superhero known to man.

My niece’s dress-up box is full of princess gowns, ballerina tutus, feathery boas and sparkly wands.  It’s all a far cry from my own childhood dress-up box, which was full of mom’s hand-me-down 70′s jumpsuits, and a few maternity dresses.  Still, it was my favorite thing to play and I love dressing up still!

When I was a teenager my costume chest underwent a glorious transformation….  I discovered vintage prom dresses :)   I started biking to yard sales and hauled back crazy old prom dress after crazy old prom dress.  I filled an old cedar chest with dresses – squirreling away every puffy satin sleeve and ribbon-covered ruffle with my one-day daughters in mind.  As you know, those daughters ended up being a pack of smelly but beautiful boys, and so I had to start collecting different sorts of dress-up clothes…. ;)

What you’ll need to make a costume chest:

1.  First you’ll need a sturdy chest! 

A sturdy one is best – as it may get battered and beaten up over the years.   You may get lucky and find one at a yardsale or the thrift store.   The bigger the better – though if your space is limited, you may want to choose one that can double as a bench.  Here are some options I found on Amazon…


A storage bench – like this Catskill Delaney Storage Bench


or a Trunk – like this Collegiate 30″ Footlocker with Wheels 

2.  Cheap Costumes

After Halloween, you can score costumes for 75% OFF, as well as fun accessories like light sabres, swords, tiaras, wigs, and wands.  Stock up on gear for all the usual suspects like superheros, princesses, dancers and firefighters, as well as character costumes for the ones they’ll love for a while (Like Princesses or Heroes)


We’ve found some nice deals on Frozen Dress-Up Clothes lately that you’ll want to check out, and don’t miss this post on Disney Princess Dresses!

Do you have a costume chest at your house?  What ways do you fill it up frugally?

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