Maidenform: Adjustable Bras still $6.80! (reg $36)

I posted earlier this month about the Maidenform $8 bra Sale – and how I was so excited that I ordered 3.  Well – they came in and I absolutely LOVE these Adjust-to-Me bras!  There is only one of the 3 that isn’t my favorite – and I just use it for a pajama bra.   Just to recap – here’s that deal:

Maidenform is having an awesome $8 Bra Sale on their Adjust-to-Me Bras (down from $28 – $36)!  Get an extra 15% OFF with code: SCOOP15 making them only $6.80 each!

I love these adjustable bras so much – that I went back to see if the sale was still happening to get a few more of the Adjust-To-Me Lace bras.  Good news!  They’re STILL on sale for just $8  + an extra 15% OFF with code SCOOP15!!  You’ll only need to pay $7 Shipping, which is pretty cheap if you’re getting a few at a time.  I even made you a helpful diagram of all the special stretch panels that are built into this bra. (I really do love it!)

  • The red arrows = Built-in stretch panels make it fit like a dream.
  • The squiggles = Extra-cushioned elastic that doesn’t give you the back-fat bulge.
  • The excitement rays = Joy that someone understands that my weight fluctuates a good 15 lbs every year.  And no – I don’t want to have 3 sets of bras!

Not only can you snag a super-comfy bra with that deal, but there are several other styles on sale starting today in the Midsummer Clearance Sale! Save an Extra 50% off all styles in the Clearance Section  from July 20th – July 22th.  Bras priced as low as $11.99 – making them $5.99 and up!  You should be able to use code SCOOP15 to get an extra 15% OFF on this section as well.

Come back and let us know what you get – and what you think of the Adjust-to-Me bras!

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