Losing Weight with AdvoCare: Gary’s Journey on the 24-Day Challenge


Kasey here, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Gary. He is sometimes referred to as “the coupon lady’s husband.” This is his very first blog series, so y’all go easy on him. He has a goal he wants to meet by March 14th, and thought sharing his journey with y’all might help keep him accountable. Here is Gary’s journey on the 24-Day Challenge, losing weight with AdvoCare. If you missed his intro post you can read it here.

The first few days of my AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge have been…well…challenging.  AdvoCare knew what they were doing when they named this thing!  Although, we have been eating healthy since our first challenge last March I had fallen into some bad snacking and food choice habits over the holidays, it was time to get this thing rolling.  I am in the first phase of the challenge…THE CLEANSE.  Sounds scary but it really hasn’t been.  And this is coming from a guy with how do you say it, fear of public restrooms.  I actually think there is a phobia for this condition.

Losing Weight with AdvoCare: Gary's Journey with the 24-Day Challenge

My mornings have consisted of Spark!!!, a fiber drink and a balanced breakfast.  Until last March I thought the words balanced breakfast were spelled GOLDEN GRAHAMS.  Man I love those things.  I have learned there is nothing balanced about my GRAHAMS.  I have been eating an egg, a piece of whole grain toast and a banana.   I have really been happy with this breakfast and have stayed satisfied through my mornings.  I have been eating some raw almonds for a mid morning snack.  Yum.

Salads and vegetable soup have been my weapon of choice for lunch.  Definitely have to have some protein with each meal to hold me over until dinner.  I am lucky that I get to come home for lunch almost every day.  However, lunch is just kind of a boring meal.  Breakfast is super exciting because you are just waking up and starting your metabolism machine up.  It’s bright outside and the day is calling your name.  Dinner is a reward after a long day of work.  Everyone is home and a time to enjoy each other’s company.  Then you have lunch.  That word just sounds boring.  Stuck in between the two party animals…breakfast and dinner.

I have enjoyed several different dinners that consisted of chicken and vegetables.  I am trying to stay away from a complex card with dinner but man that is hard.  I sometimes find myself craving carbs.  I remember this feeling during my first challenge with Diet Coke.  15 a day and went cold turkey on those little devils.  I think they could change the name from Diet Coke to Diet Crack.  Can we say addicting.  Good feeling to kick that habit though!

Overall, a good first few days.  I am feeling really good and know I will reap the benefit of taking care of my body.  Make sure to check back in a couple days.  I’ll tell you about my new venture into working out.  Whew are you in for a laugh!


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  1. Jana says

    Story sounds just like mine…slowly working into bad habits. Yours, diet coke-mine, cheese and wine! But not 15 glasses a day! Ha!
    On day two of the cleanse and pray I can continue not to “require” a public restroom as well! So far, things have been uneventful. Just wanted to say good luck with the cleanse and the new distributing endeavor!
    Train strong, live long!!

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