Losing Weight with AdvoCare: Gary’s Journey on the 24-Day Challenge Post #2

Kasey here, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Gary. He is sometimes referred to as “the coupon lady’s husband.” This is his very first blog series, so y’all go easy on him. He has a goal he wants to meet by March 14th, and thought sharing his journey with y’all might help keep him accountable. Here is Gary’s journey on the 24-Day Challenge, losing weight with AdvoCare. If you missed his previous post, you can read them here and here.

Over the past 10 years exercise had become a cuss word in my mind.  When the word was mentioned I would break out in chills and want to look for some chocolate Zingers.  My activity level had gotten to the point of…well…nothing.  Prior to March of ’13 getting off the couch and walking to the fridge to pour a Diet Coke then back constituted one lap.  I could handle these laps because there was a reward waiting for me in the fridge or in maybe in the candy bar cabinet.  Even though I had made some major changes in my diet my physical activity had remained non-existent.

Enter 2014 and a determination to get in shape.  Now, I am not a new year’s resolution type of person.  Show me someone who sets resolutions each year and most of the time I will show you someone who is guaranteed to fail within the first month.  I have decided that I will work out (in some manner) several times per week.  Here is the problem, I don’t like to run, I don’t like to lift weights, I don’t like ride a stationary bike…I see a common theme here.  Anyone else feel that way?

So last week a friend of mine called and asked me to play racquetball.  Now this is more my pace.  I always thought racquetball was a sport for older out of shape guys.  Well, as much as I don’t want to admit it, this is me.   Middle aged out of shaper.  Well, I found that I am terrible at this sport.  Maybe it was the fact that the YMCA only had a tennis racquet for me to borrow.  I used it for a few minutes until one of the guys I was playing with swapped racquets with me…and still beat me like a drum.  I had a great time while I played.  The next day was not so enjoyable.  I had a hard time getting out of bed and moved slow all day.  Muscles that had not been worked in years were getting back at me for neglecting them.  Racquetball was nothing next to CU24.

What is CU24 you ask?  One word…intense.  It is Advocare’s new interval training dvd.  24 minutes of “you have got to be kidding me”!  The workout starts with an intense warm up.  I asked Kasey if the warm up went towards the 24 minutes.  She broke my heart with her negative response.  We did exercises that should be outlawed!  After the first 12 intervals we repeated the same 12 all over again.  No stinking way!  I could barely do the exercises.  At times I heard Kasey giggling behind me and knew it was probably because of how I was doing push ups…girl pushups…and barely doing them!!  I was a college athlete but this workout regimen reduced me to a blubbering mound of goo.  Wow, I didn’t expect my first few days of exercising to be so challenging.

Even though it is hard, I know that  exercising will pay me and my family dividends.

On to the results…4 pounds through 7 days!!  I am heading toward my goal of 15 pounds by March 14th.

Thanks for reading and check back in a few days for an update.

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