Live Chat Tonight: “Extreme Couponing (The Right Way)” at 10pm EST!


The TLC Extreme Couponing Season is back – and you know how we feel about it. (If not check out this post!)  Come join us for a live chat as we talk about Extreme Couponing (The Right Way) tonight, 10/5/11, in our Savvy Living Blog Frog Community sponsored by Ebates from 9 – 10 pm EST.

We’ll be co-hosting a Wednesday Night chat with Melissa from StockpilingMoms tonight – all about how to use coupons with “Extreme” results – without taking “Extreme” measures :)  Check it out:



  1. Kim Bowen says

    I watched some clips of videos from Extreme Couponers and was disappointed by some of the people. The right way is how people need to go about it. All some of these people have done is hurt the rest of us. Limits by the manufactures and stores and when someone clears the shelf that is just rude.

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