Let’s Indulge In A Girly Moment….

Jamie here!
This has nothing to do with absolutely anything …. but…..  I just saw this picture of a very ridiculously ruffly flower curtain. (Sigh….)
Things like this make me wish I had an extra little cottage that I could make SUPER GIRLY!!  Or maybe even a little corner of the house to fill with femininity.  Like a “Man Cave” – but a….  “Lady Lair”?

Sigh…  Living with 5 boys has it’s drawbacks occasionally….

So – with no purpose other than to indulge our Pretty-Pretty-Princess sides for a moment, go find a picture of something that makes YOU yearn for a girly spot to call your own – and stick it below so we can all sigh girly sighs over it!


  1. Hanna says

    Jamie, could you post a link to where you saw that shower curtain? I would love one like that! Maybe in a blue scheme to match my bathroom though… Thanks!

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