Lego Storage, Toys and Clothing on Zulily!

Today on Zulily – you can get up to 55% OFF Lego items – including Lego Storage Bins, Lego Brickmaster Books, Lego Pajamas and clothing, and lots more!

The Lego Brickmaster Books are awesome – they contain enough bricks and instructions to make several different Lego Models – this is great for the kids who always get a really expensive set for a birthday, and then totally make something different with the pieces (that’s my kids).  They’re normally around $30, but are on sale for $16.99 on Zulily!

You can get pajamas as well at a great discount – there is a double-set of Lego Batman Pajamas for only $16.99 (reg $34)  This could be Christmas Even Pajamas for 2 kids – a great deal!

There are also lots of Lego Storage options – like this super cool carrying case.  It lets your little one divide all the “special” pieces into little compartments so they’re easier to find later.

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