Learnvest Summer Sweepstakes: Enter to Win $1000!!

Enter to Win $1000 from Learnvest!

We want you to save money around here – but we also want you to learn how to be smart about that money you have.  LearnVest is one great site to sign up for that will help you learn how to handle your money wisely.  From Farmers Market Tips – to this Sweepstakes featuring the 50/20/30 Plan (how to split up your paycheck) – you’ll be learning and saving more than ever!  Just click here to enter the 50/20/30 Sweepstakes and possbily win $1000!


50/20/30 Sweepstakes: How do you divvy up your paycheck? LearnVest has developed the 50/20/30rule to help you make the most of your paycheck. We’ll give one lucky winner; $500 to go towards essentials like your A/C bill in the summer, $200 for a savings goal and $300 for lifestyle choices such as going out for dinner or your yoga classes.To enter, sign up for a LearnVest account and get access to free money tips, tools and advice to help you get organized and be in control of your money and you’ll be automatically entered into the sweepstake.

Offer converts on a valid profile completion above $30k (2nd step)

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