Last-Minute Gift Basket Ideas!

Did you suddenly realize you forgot someone on your Christmas list?  Well – being a couponer certainly has it’s perks – one of which is that we usually have a closet full of random objects we picked up for free/cheap.  This lends itself very well to creating a last-minute “Gift Basket” for someone.

Toss in some lotion, bath supplies and a loofah and you have a “Pampering” basket.  Put a candle, a mug, and some cocoa packets together for a “Cozy Winter” basket.   You get the picture!  I thought we could all tell what we’ve used to make frugal gift baskets – and help each other out.  Just leave a comment below with your ideas or suggestions – and we’ll team up to create an UBER-LIST!  Then next Christmas we can dust if off and add to it!

*NOTE: You can also go read this AWESOME Gift basket ideas list on AFullCup (You may need to register to see it)


  1. Jamie says

    You could make a “Guest Room” type basket with your toiletries! It wouldn’t be too gifty – but nice for holiday guests!

  2. Rachel Benson says

    I just made 2 gift baskets for around $20 each. I made a wine and cheese basket for my grandmother: 2 different types of crackers, 2 different kinds of cheeses, and bottle of wine. Also, made an ice cream basket: 3 jars of topping: caramel, fudge, & butterscotch, jar of cherries, bag of roasted peanuts, 2 boxes of ice cream cones, and 2 containers of sprinkles. You could do these baskets cheaper with sales/ coupons.

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