19¢ Lactaid Milk & the Benefit of Ordering Coupons!

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about why I LOOOVE ordering coupons.  Here is an example for you from my Bi-Lo trip tonight:

Zone Meal Bars are on Price Lock this 8 Weeks for $1 ea
There is a 55¢/1 Coupon (Which will DOUBLE at Bi-Lo) from the 5/16 SS
Do I love Zone Bars?  Not a bunch.  Would I like to get them for FREE just in case?  Sure!!
So I ordered (20) from Ebay for around $2 Shipped.
Tonight, I bought 10 at a time at Bi-Lo (Because only 10 like coupons will double per transaction) and got 20 bars FREE.

Now I have a little stockpile of these meal bars for on-the-go sorts of days!

So now for the Lactaid Milk Deal. There are $2/1 Blinkies out there for ANY Lactaid Milk.  Sales notwithstanding, a regular pint costs about $2.19 ea.  This blinkie coupon will make them 19¢.  (I’m using mine for coffee milk – and as backup when we run out of milk in the mornings for cereal)  If you are lactose-intolerant, and would like to Stock Up (They have a long fridge life) – you can go to Ebay right now and order (20) $2/1 Lactaid Milk for $1.63 Shipped. They don’t expire till 9/30, so you’ll be rather set on cheap milk for the next couple months.

Ordering coupons is a GREAT way to supplement your newspaper inserts, and printables collection.  It’s especially beneficial if your local paper often misses out on some of the higher value coupons.  It is also recommended if you need/love a certain product and want to have a good supply of coupons for it (Dietary restrictions, etc..)


  • If using Ebay, make sure to check your seller’s feedback rating.  If they have great feedback (i.e. 98% or something) they will be a safe bet to ship in a timely manner.  I usually receive my Ebay coupons about 4 days after purchasing.
  • To find coupons on Ebay, simply type in the product + coupon.  For instance: “Produce Coupon”.
  • TheCouponClippers is another good option for ordering coupons.  I picked them because they are a located in the Southeast, and therefore won’t take long to arrive.  They are a great company – and I definitely recommend them.
  • When ordering coupons, you have to expect a few days for shipping – and even more if using Ebay and waiting for an auction to end (I like “Buy It Now” auctions).  To get a leg up, search Grocery/Drugstore ad previews on sites like AFullCup, HotCouponWorld, WeUseCoupons, or SlickDeals.  These are all forums in which ad previews are posted fairly regularly for the public.  Knowing ahead of time that Publix will have Old El Paso Kits BOGO – can let you know to order coupons early enough for the sale (And save money when the auction doesn’t reach fever pitch)
  • NEVER order printed coupons.  If someone is selling 20 printed coupons – they’re almost surely photocopying ones they’ve previously printed.  This is illegal.  Not only will it cause problems at the register- sending up red flags – but it could lead to manufacturers cracking down on printables altogether.
  • Want to save a little extra on your Ebay orders?  Make sure to go through Ebates first, and then follow THEIR link to Ebay.  This will earn you a little 1-3% Cashback Bonus.  Hey – every little bit helps!

Have you had success with ordering coupons?  Let us know!  Tell us your tales of success/troubles – and let’s help each other save!


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