Kodak: $20 Mommy Cards – FREE!!

Kodak Gallery has a fun new freebie you can make – but it’s only for a limited time!  Join Kodak Gallery now, and you’ll be able to create a 50-Card set of  “Mommy Cards” or “Contact Cards” (Reg. $20 Value) for FREE.  These cards are great for passing out at the park, Playplace, etc… to help set up playdates with other moms.  Actually, let me tell you what Kodak says about them:

  • Give a new friend your info.
  • Set up play-dates and communicate availability.
  • At-a-glance reference for childcare, teacher, instructor or coach: list food allergies, nicknames, bedtime routines, medical info, emergency contact info and more.
  • A handy resource in kids’ backpacks, just in case.
  • Introduction to new neighbors.
  • Perfectly personalized for mom-preneurs, a calling card with your photo, cell phone, blog and Facebook URL.
  • For existing friends….they’re just too cute not to share with everyone.

So if you think you might like to make a cute set of cards to keep in your purse/glovebox – go HERE and sign up!  By the way, new members ALSO get 50 Free Prints from Kodak!

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