Couponing for the Rest of Us

Kmart Double Coupon Event: 10/23- 10/29

Many Kmarts are doubling coupons up to $.99 this week.  Here are some of the deals I think are the best.  Make sure to take your coupons with you as there are sure to be other GREAT deals.

Double Coupon Deals

Thanks cuckooforcoupondeals!


  1. The Kmart I went to on hwy 153 in Chattanooga did not have any of the deals nor were they doubling coupons and they were very rude about me even asking.

  2. I can’t find a Kmart around Chattanooga, TN that has most of the deals. Such as the Welch’s and Nesquick. Any suggestions?

  3. Does Kmart give you overage to put toward rest of bill, or do they double up to price which makes it free?

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