{HOT} Kindle Fire Deal Only $19.99?!?! (See if it works for you!)

Just on the off-chance that this works for one of our readers – I couldn’t NOT share it!!  Amazon has run a crazy deal like this in the past and I was able to get one for my mom – others got it too – so definitely worth a shot!

Select folks are getting the Kindle Fire Tablets for only $19.99  by using going HERE, adding it to their cart, and using code FIRE1999.  Others are getting it for $24.99 with code FIRE2499.  

I don’t know what the requirement is (maybe only Prime members?  Maybe only if you don’t own a kindle?) but I do know it’s worked for some and not for others.We’d love to hear if it works out for you – let us know in the comments!!


All 4 of my kids, and my husband, have Kindles. I’ve always been way cheap and just read on my phone (to be fair, it’s a largish phone). But at this price I might have to get one – going to try these codes now!

- Thanks, PassionatePennyPincher



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