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Kindle Deal is BACK! | Get a Kindle for only $19 with Random Amazon Coupon!!?


Get a Kindle for $19!!?

This INCREDIBLE Kindle Deal is back for some eligible Amazon customers – possibly get a Kindle for just $19!!    If you don’t see the banner on your home page – here’s the direct link to see if you’re eligible – if not there will be a message at the top left of the page.

Eligible Amazon shoppers will be able to Save $50 on ANY Kindle!!  This includes even the most inexpensive Kindle, which brings it down to only $19!!!  I bought one for my mom’s birthday last year when this was offered and it went through just fine.

Many of you have commented our Facebook Page that you received this Kindle Coupon – but many of you haven’t.  Make SURE you are signed into your account, and try your spouse/children’s accounts as well. If you received the $50 offer, you can get a $69 Kindle for just $19!

Here’s a screenshot from my purchase back in October when I got a smilar $40 Off coupon:





I hesitated at first to even post this because I don’t want people to be disappointed if they didn’t get it, but it seems to be working for about half of you.  If you are eligible, it will be on the home page of Amazon – no special link needed -  and looks to be related to eBook purchase history.  Possibly only for those who’ve never bought a Kindle before.  Either way – it’s worth checking into!


If you didn’t get this Kindle Coupon – don’t despair!  Here are a couple other Kindle Deals:

  1. Refurbished Kindles :  You might consider this if you need a price-break, I’ve spoken with several people who bought refurbished Kindles over the last couple holidays and are very happy with them.

    **A Certified Refurbished Kindle is a pre-owned Kindle that has been refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new. All Certified Refurbished Kindle devices include a full one-year limited warranty, just like a brand-new Kindle.

  2. Kindle Case Deal:  Need a good Kindle Deal on a case?  Here’s a Kindle Fire Case with Stand for just $3.99! (The red color)


  1. caro kitchens says:

    I got the coupon for 40 but it said it expiredoctobr 31 2013

  2. Jessica Jones says:

    I am having hard time finding coupon, is it random? blueyes5509@COX.NET any help appreciated, I need this for a gift.

    • It is definitely a random coupon – well random to us, I’m sure Amazon has a formula they’re using like who buys tons of eBooks but doesn’t yet have a Kindle (that sort of thing). You might ask family members or friends to check their accounts for you!

  3. Jessica Jones says:

    I can’t find a coupon anywhere…I am also in need of this for a gift.
    Thanks, any help finding is greatly appreciated.

  4. I would also like the Kindle coupon. I logged in a few times and I have yet to see it. Please email if you can share!

  5. The Kindle does NOT come with a charger – it is $14.99 extra!

    • Hi Toni – I bought this for my mom and she received it yesterday but hers came with a charger. You might want to contact Amazon’s customer service about your experience!

  6. Anyone have the coupon code that you don’t need. Please Email to you? I appreciate that. thank you and have a great holliday.

  7. so bummed I didn’t get it…=( Anyone want to share?

  8. If you have a code and you don’t need it my e-mail address is

    Would be awesome, thanks !


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