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We’ve been on the lookout for Black Friday Kindle Deals – and now here’s a new way to load those Kindles up with cheap books!  Amazon just introduced new Kindle Countdown Deals, which are very limited-time discounts on Kindle books.

They’re basically bringing the concept of Amazon Lightning Deals to the realm of Kindle books, and it’s a great way to snag new and popular titles by some of your favorite authors for around $.99!

kindle-countdown-deals-books .

You can check how much time is left on a kindle countdown deal by clicking the title of any book.  Look to the right of the price, where a countdown clock will appear showing the time left on the deal.

kindle-countdown-deal-stopwatch .


I’m an avid reader, but I’d go broke if I bought all the books I want to read.   I usually only get whatever FREE Kindle Book Deals  I can find, but I see some books on the Kindle Countdown Deals page the that I am really excited about.

The introduction of Kindle Countdown Deals is pretty big news for self-published authors too.  Any author can feature their Amazon-exclusive ebook as a Kindle Countdown Deal, deciding how much it will cost and how long it will last (Anywhere from an hour to 7 days).

If you love a good Amazon Deal – check out the Amazon Holiday Toy Lighting Deals as well!

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