KAVU Rope Bags up to 40% OFF!


I absolutely love these new Kavu Rope bags in the fun summer prints – the flamingos are as cute as can be!  

But do not – I repeat – DO NOT just walk in a store and pay full price for a Kavu bag when you can get one up to 40% OFF!  Here are some nice discounts we found :)

Kavu Rope Bag -  $34.93 (Reg $50)

  kavu-radius kavu-newbatch

RKavu Radius or Napsack Styles - $20.99  (Reg $35)


Kavu Keeper Bag, Pink - $15.75 (Reg $35)



Kavu Funster Bag in Retro Arrow or Hive  - $12.95 (Reg $35)

This is JUST right for having something with your phone, i.d., money and keys on you at all times – without the bulk of a purse :)  Double check the size to make sure it will fit your phone – but the reviewers said it fits an iPhone with an Otterbox or a Galaxy S4 :)



The KAVU Blakely Backpack is currently on sale for only $26.99 (That’s 46% OFF!)

Or this KAVU Sidewinder Bag is just $27.74 + FREE Shipping! (Reg $40)

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