K-Mart Catalina Problems

I wrote a few days ago about an unadvertised Post cereal freebie at Kmart this week, and a Glade Candle moneymaker going on as well.  Well, it looks like many of you have had alot of trouble finding the 2 oz Fragrance Collection candles which are supposedly $2.50, much less getting your catalina to print out.  (ARRGHH!)  The Post Cereal is trouble too, but just because many Kmart’s don’t carry that new Health Advantage kind on the coupon yet. (Booo)

So I just wanted to warn you guys not to make a special trip to Kmart just for these items, but to just keep an eye out for them if you happen to be there.  This deal has been confirmed on other sites, but I’m sorry for the problems it’s been causing with our readers! 


On that note… I’d like to remind everyone about this incredibly useful phone number:

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