Couponing for the Rest of Us

Just won 11 Swagbucks with “Squash” – how about you?

Just curious how you guys are doing with your Swagbucks searches and wins this week!  I’ve been averaging about 20 -40 a day – not my best – but I’ve got enough Swagbucks to cash in for (3) more $5 Amazon Gift Cards!  Want to know what I’m buying with that $15?…..

THIS! (My 5 year old’s birthday is December 3rd)

Are you still holding out on joining Swagbucks and getting little rewards every day?  Delay no more!  Join now and get 30 Swagbucks as welcome gift!  It only takes 450 for a $5 Amazon Gift Card, so you could have a couple of those before Christmas to help out with your shopping!  JOIN HERE.


  1. Just won 12 points by searching for Times Free Press.

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