Just finished our Tax Return! (Yippee!!)

My husband came home for lunch today – sat down at the table with both of our W-2′s – and finished our Tax Return online in about 30 minutes.  We’ll be getting a nice little return in 10 Days, and it was super quick and totally free!

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, and are looking for a simple solution – check out H&R Block’s online FREE Edition!  Just click the H&R Block button below.

Plan to have an actual accountant do yours?

Jackson Hewitt: $25 Off In-Store Coupon PRINT

Another ONLINE option is…

Turbo Tax: FREE Online Tax Prep, E-Filing, Printing. (Click Above)


  1. tandalea says

    Word to the wise though. If you are filing a long form the IRS is not excepting those returns until the middle to end of February so your refund maybe delayed for a short period of time. (or at least we hope it is short) This is due to the new tax law changes that took affect so late in December. The IRS has to have time to make the neccessary changes to their system and forms. You can go ahead and file your return with one of the companies mentioned and they will monitor it and notify you when the IRS is excepting those returns.

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