Join Valued Opinions Surveys: Earn $5 per Survey and $20 Amazon Giftcards!

Do you have a few minutes minutes? If so, apply to be a Valued Opinions Research Panelist!

It’s a great survey panel to join – you’ll earn between $2 – $5 per survey, and some are worth as much as $50!

~ As a member you will receive regular invitations to participate in surveys tailored to you (Example topics: Movies, Healthy Living, Fast food, etc…)

~ The average survey is worth $2, $4, $5 and some much higher. Once you have $20 in virtual rewards saved up – you can cash in for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Save these to help with Christmas!

~ Registering is free and easy and takes about 5 minutes. Once you receive your acceptance email, click on the activation button in the email to begin!

*Members who join now will be entered to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card, but make sure you activate your account to enter!

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