Join us tonight at 7pm EST right here for a Live Chat! Get to know all of the new leaders in the Ebates Savvy Living Community!


I’m so excited to be a Community leader in the Savvy Living Community.  We are having a live chat tonight RIGHT HERE!  Join us at 7pm EST – you’ll see this post at the top of your screen, scroll down until you see the chat box then start typing.

If the conversation seems like it’s rolling to fast you can slow it down by adjusting the speed.  Click the (-) button beside “display speed” I have included a screen shot below for your reference.


Ebates will be giving away $250 worth of prizes!!  Woooohoooo.


If you haven’t signed up to be a member of ebates you are missing out on free money!  It’s my and Jamie’s favorite way to shop online – we love getting our “BIG fat check” once a quarter in the mail.

Sign up HERE and pick your favorite bonus!


Here’s a screen shot to show you how much cash back I’ve earned.  


We can all get acquainted together and share our savviest shopping+living tips.
Can’t wait to chat!!

Don’t forget, ebates is giving away prizes worth $250!


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