Join Ebates and get $45 Bonus!!

Have you thought about joining Ebates to get cashback on online shopping, but maybe just haven’t gotten around to it? Well – let me tell you, now is the time to do it!

Not only can you pick a New Member Bonus of a $10 Giftcard to Target, Barnes & Noble or Home Depot…. but for a limited time, you’ll get $30 for referring 3 friends!

Here’s how to get your $45 in bonuses:

  1. Sign up for an Ebates Account 
  2. You’ll get your $10 Giftcard as soon as you’ve made a $25 purchase by going through Ebates  (Just do some of your back-to-school shopping online and you’re there!)
  3. Refer a friend and get a $5 Bonus
  4. Then refer 3 more friends, and get a whopping $30 bonus in your account!

You’ll make $45 just for signing up for a program that will not only earn you cashback on things you already buy, but for helping your friends/family save money the same way.  Watch a short How To Use Ebates Video we made to learn more about it!

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