Join Checkout51 To Save Even More!


Join Checkout51 for HUGE savings!

By now many of you have already heard of Checkout51 – the newest Mobile savings app. We wanted to go over it with all of you just in case you’re not entirely familiar with it.

Checkout51 is a cashback site/app that  we can use to save even more on our purchases because you can stack Checkout51 offers with coupons and other discounts for HUGE savings!  Here’s how it works:

checkout51how it works

Using Checkout51 is easy!

  1. First, Sign up HERE.
  2. Every Thursday morning, Checkout51 updates with a new list of offers that will go through Wednesday. (A little like a weekly store sale, right?)
  3. All you have to do is add the offers you like, purchase those items at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through the Checkout51 mobile app or website.
  4. Many of us will benefit from Checkout51 because you don’t need a smartphone to do this. They send you a check when your account reaches $20.  It’s as simple as that!


You don’t have to buy it at any particular store and you can even buy the items on-line and use the packing slip as your receipt. Checkout51 is a great way to save on your daily purchases. We have already seen tons of great offers thru Checkout51 so I am super excited to see what is to come with it!

Sign up for Checkout 51 today!


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