Jingit: New Jell-O Video! (It’s About Time…)

Woohoo!  JingIt finally released another couple videos you can watch to earn money!  I just finished watching the 2 new Jell-O Videos and earned $.40 in about 3 minutes.  That put me over the $3 mark – which means I can get my Jing-It Debit Card!


New to JingIt?  Just watch a short ad and answer 3 or 4 questions – and earn real money!  The advertiser gets your attention for a moment (although you can always hit play on these while you make supper or fold clothes) – and you get money to spend!

Find out you can make up to $15 a week with JingIt in our previous post HERE – and please post any tips or extra Jing-It videos you’ve found!


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