Couponing for the Rest of Us

JC Penney launches new E-newsletter!

JC Penney is launching a new Enewsletter called “The List” that will be delivering in-store coupons & online coupon codes straight to you!  If you’re one of the folks that never gets those $10 OFF ANY PURCHASE coupons around Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, this would be a good way to try and get on the mysterious list!

Click on the banner above to sign up!!


  1. katcrown says:

    Warning- I clicked into this site and it took me through a WHOLE bunch of options to sign up for all kinds of stuff. I thought it would just link me to signing up for JCP newsletter, but I had to click through a LOT of attempts to get me to sign up for all kinds of other offers. I don’t even know after all that if I even signed up for the newsletter. Just be wary. Thanks!

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