Is Price Matching Worth it? How I Saved $6.15 on Produce!

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Since we started eating healthier this year, a large part of our grocery budget goes to fresh fruits and veggies.  To keep our grocery budget under control I typically make an Aldi run since they have such great prices on produce.  Since we had a list a mile long of projects we needed to tackle in our back yard I didn’t want to spend my afternoon running errands.  We had to go to Walmart to pick up light bulbs and a couple other items so I decided to price match the produce in this weeks Aldi’s ad.  I was surprised to see just how much money I saved.


You have to be careful to price match the exact item.  For example, Walmart had 3lb bags of onions in order to price match I needed to purchase a 2lb bag like shown in the ad above.  Same thing goes for the corn, Walmart had single ears of corn instead of the 4pack at Aldi.  The Watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries were the exact items.

Walmart’s Price:

  • (1) Seedless Watermelon – $4.98
  • (1) Blueberries – $3.99
  • (4) Strawberries – $1.78

Total: $16.09

Aldi’s Price:

  • (1) Seedless Watermelon – $3.99
  • (1) Blueberries – $1.99
  • (4) Strawberries – $0.99

Total: $9.94

Total Savings – $6.15

So, was it worth it?  To me it was.  Personally, I don’t have time to drive all over town to get every deal.  It was nice to get everything we needed at Walmart today, and take advantage of Aldi’s great price on produce.  Saving $6.15 on 6 items isn’t too shabby in my book!



  1. says

    ok i have just started cutting & bought a printer to print coupons (still got to get usb cable though),but i have so much to learn,like today i did not no that you can use more than 1 coupon on 1 item till after i had used a couple @ bilo & had to go to family dollar to get my daughter some hair dye & i was talking to the cashier & she told me i could have used the 2 coupons i had for the biscuit & paper towels i had bought,so i am still learning,& going to a class in Feb. but that is a long time to wait,so i have been doing my best on learning. So the price matching @ Walmart i have no idea,do i take the ad from the other store & when at checkout shown the cashier at walmart to get that price ? ugh some times gets aggravating but no that it will pay off in the end , wish i had been doing this a long time ago… but the 3 receipts i have i have saved close to 15.$,which if had known i could use more than 1 coupon on 1 item it would be double that but i do no now… Just need to learn everything about it.NEED HELP !!!!!

    • says

      Yes Tonya, just take your ad in and they will match the price at Walmart. However, make sure you read through the exclusions of Walmart’s price match policy because there are a few things they do not match. I’m sure you’re doing great for having just begun, and remember that as long as you’re saving money on things your family needs, you’re succeeding. I would suggest finding another friend who coupons to help you through learning the ropes as well :)

  2. shannon says

    the walmart in ooltewah is very friendly to price matches. we dont have to have the ad. I have seen them tell other customers ahead of me about a price match on strawberries or bananas.

  3. Tiffany says

    I used to price-match Aldis produce at Walmart all the time until one day the head cashier refused to do it saying that they don’t price-m,atch Aldis because they’re a discount store (or something like that, I’ve forgotten what she called them) and their price will always be lower than ours. Then another time they told me that they don’t take competitor coupons and NEVER have. I wish I’d had my coupon policy with me. Walmart is such a headache sometimes that I usually don’t bother.

  4. Gina says

    Did you have the Aldi circular at Walmart? I have tried to price compare with Walmart and show the circular with my phone and was told that they won’t accept the phone method….and if I have to go to Aldi to get the circular (it doesn’t always come in the mail) I might as well shop there.

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