Ipsos Panel Needs Moms: Test Free Products & Earn Money!

Ipsos is in need of MOMS specifically to take surveys right now – which means you’ll probably get more money-making surveys than usual!

Are you a member of IPSOS I-say? It’s a test-market company who needs panelists to give their opinions on products.  As a member, you’ll get to test out new products before they reach the shelves!  You’ll also get rewarded with points for reviewing products and taking surveys – and the more surveys you take, the more points you earn. Cash in your points for American Express gift cards, Amazon gift codes and more. JOIN HERE to begin!

We’ve recommended IPSOS in the past, when our friend Robin tried it out:

With Ipsos-I-say, I usually receive 3-5 survey opportunities per week. At the end of each survey, I am awarded points which can be converted into gift cards or cash. The number of points awarded varies depending upon the length of the survey completed.

Also, at the end of each survey, you have the opportunity to play their fun “poll predictor game”. You are asked a question and your answer is based on how you think the majority of people responded to the same question. The closer you are to the correct answer, determines how many chances you receive to be entered to win a weekly drawing.

So, if you’re interested in trying surveys, Ipsos I-say is a great place to start!!

IMPORTANT: When you begin down the path of registering with survey companies, we highly recommend that you set up a free email account (through gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) so that your personal inbox does not become overcrowded.


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